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Loans are meant to help small businesses stay afloat during the coronavirus crisis obviously when the PPP program was put into place we have the government will very aware that it might be susceptible to fraud like that until we were ready for it we were looking for suspicious using of the funding like the ones we saw here federal prosecutor Alex Wideman any abuse of this program will not be tolerated settlers also facing fraud charges in New work he's accused of cheating the blackrock investment fund out of millions of dollars they say the money was for the film business but instead using it to pay for such things as a Beverly hills estate if convicted as charged in either case other could end up spending the rest of his life in prison click to get this guitar KNX ten seventy newsradio Sandler's being released on one hundred thousand dollar bond will be under home confinement he is awaiting arraignment actress Lori Loughlin fashion designer husband was CMO G. and only pleaded guilty in the college bribery scandal but a federal judge in Boston hasn't decided if he'll accept the deal they made with prosecutors Loyola Marymount university law professor Laurie Levenson says works unlock once favored that the prosecutors cut a deal he really has to hope that the judge agrees because the judges thinking not just whether it's fair to her but whether it sends the right kind of message to other people who might think that they can buy their kids way into college wanting would spend two months in prison well generally would serve five under the plea deal in the judge's scheduler sentencing hearings for late August but hasn't said wind he'll decide to accept the deal Lachlan engine only paid half a million dollars to get their daughters the U. S. C. they are among dozens of wealthy parents coaches and others charged in the bribery scheme save twenty time to check your money here's Greg Jarrett is going bad testing into retail sleep store sound attractive no I don't want to wait a bit previously occupied by the other potential bad buyers well you're not alone with the pandemic and mandatory shelter home orders combined with the closure of nonessential businesses mattress sellers all across North America are in trouble Bloomberg's Paul Bagnell uses sleep country Canada as an example January and February were great then came the pandemic March same store sales which were minus twenty six percent and change emerged city lab reported that back in January bed in a box online breakout bestseller Casper was hungry to go public and establish more brick and mortar on the premise people were more prone to buy after physically testing the bed now Bagnell says brick and mortars going the other way big big focus will be on online sales rate changes for America's nine thousand mattress stores.

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Casper, Lachlan And Professor discussed on KNX Weekend News and Traffic

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