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Seattle, Green Bay And Corey Linsley discussed on NFL Classic Replay


Worked his way for a gain of three to the Seattle twenty nine for a Green Bay first down a good to push on the left side in court including Corey Linsley here rookie center working with Josh Sitton David Bakhtiari on the left side include converted that third short muted sunshine but we stay we did the things he was moving up the ranks first in team from the C. in the gun four one reducing the motion into the nickel solution jurors the eighteen that's a big double twelve another Green Bay first down to the eighteen the Packers lined up with trips to that side Jordy Nelson Davante Adams in the middle receiver was the tight end Richard Rodgers nobody could ever Rogers as he came off the line of scrimmage camp chancer playing about fifteen yards deep in the secondary easy pitch and catch the Green Bay Packers white jerseys breakaway payments moving into the wind the Seattle eighteen with the person to we want in two cities the fifteen unless marked of the Seattle thirteen year old one on a gain of five what isn't spinning his way down the middle of the field what a great job cut is he trying to go behind the right guard T. J. Lang that was clogged up he jumped all the way to the left side and accelerated quickly to pick up valuable yardage here in the red zone defenders of their hands on hips right now Rogers breaks little instead is that the second green bay's leading six month intensive inspected include school looking so we're just looking recent it appears to be against the Seahawks o'brien Schofield jumped on neutral zone number seventy two the results of the play chooses just throwing a thirteen yard touchdown pass for Green Bay Packers are going up with no time left in the first quarter well anything the Packers and had the ball eleven minutes fifty two seconds this first quarter and they finally pay off a sort with a touchdown passes wide open in the back of the ends on the full coverage by the Seahawks again Rogers is all day to throw thanks for pulling Crosby to alright first quarter is come to a close the last time this place was this point was five o'clock this morning it is quiet now Green Bay has scored thirteen first quarter points forcing two turnovers from the Seahawks at the end.

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Seattle, Green Bay And Corey Linsley discussed on NFL Classic Replay

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