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The hour from Saint George and


Indeed better weather is ahead today we are mostly dry at this point there there are a few patches of light rain lingering especially eastern Long Island at this point that does move out this evening the clouds linger most of the night tonight down to fifty two in midtown then tomorrow I will see a clouds break for some sun would remain cool though but were the day sixty five for the afternoon high though coastal areas will get stuck in the fifties thanks to a sea breeze tomorrow night it'll turn mostly cloudy fifty four for the low Morial day starts out mainly cloudy but to the athlete looks to be partly to mostly sunny and a bit warmer not bad that afternoon with highs close to seventy the once again it'll be colder the water look for it to warm up some more starting Tuesday in fact we see the meetings later in the week but for now school fifty seven ended down we have cloudy skies lingering light rain here and there can go down to fifty two tonight with a cool breeze

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The hour from Saint George and

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We're at seventy four degrees under cloudy skies it's seventy seven in cloud cover over at metro airport

Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News 8 hrs ago