Cops and Live P.D. canceled following protests against police violence


I'm Kim. Masters and this is the high. Would breakdown joining me is my banter buddy on the Business Matt Bellamy and Matt, the protests that have been going on around the world are really relevant to Hollywood and we see Hollywood. Reacting are trying to figure out how to react to broader concerns about racism and also concerns about the way. Television and movies have contributed to the perpetuation. Of an idea about police, and how they function, this is just filters all kinds of programming, even if it's not a cop show, and it has created a situation where the cops in the public mind get a certain amount of benefit of the doubt as the heros that they are portrayed, even if they break the rules. And, so this now is something we see cops being canceled. We see a live PD, which is hit for an e cops has been on for years and his money maker, but like PD is Annie's number, one show and Anne pulled the plug. Yeah, and they pull the plug after recently ordering one hundred sixty episodes of the show and I think that's really a testament to the soul searching that's going on at a lot of these networks, and if you look at the top ten most watched shows from the past season most viewed you look at blue bloods you look at Ncis you look at Chicago PD. You look at all. All of these police oriented shows that that really do portray these police as flawed, but ultimately heroic, and I think that's what's really going to be the subject of soul-searching, and I wonder if you know beyond the obvious like these verite shows that you can go after right now I wonder if the creatives behind some of these police, procedural shows are really going to reassess how their characters are portrayed. Yeah, I mean most of these shows are run by white men, and there's a certain accepted myth about how things work at is not based in reality, and these shows don't reckon very often with racial injustice and how the Justice System Perpetuates racism. You know it's interesting. My Colleague Lesley Goldberg talked to Warren light who runs law and order Svu and asked him you know how `bout this portrayal, and he's sort of had to say. It was clear that Dick Wolf would ever who, in he has so many shows on TV, and they run in reruns. That Dick Wolf whatever you know. Step away from that portrayal of cups and again this filters through, and it's not just about cops. I mean you just saw Hbo Max pull gone. With the wind because of racist stereotypes, the glorification of the South in the era of slavery. It'll be back. It's not being censored is still available. You can buy a lot of these shows that are being looked at but. It the they're going to bring it back with some context to make it clear that this represents a certain view of the world that is no longer acceptable view of the world and Disney did that when the Disney plus dreamer launched. They realized that some of the Older Walt Disney content was not culturally appropriate anymore, and it's easy to alter things from the past, but what's more interesting to me is when we go from here. Here, and whether these concerns that have come to the forefront today where you see the entire New York Times nonfiction bestseller list devoted to issues of race and injustice. This is clearly permeating the culture right now, and where will Hollywood take it? There's GonNa. Be a lot of scrutiny on the content of these shows going forward. Yeah, I think we're going to need some change in the executive suites, but we'll see going forward. Thank you. Thank

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