Menstrual Cycles and Cannabis w/ Dr. Wilson-King (From BTS #26)


My a postmenopausal patients that are on hormones have a better. Time with cannabis then. Hormones. Not Saying if you're not on hormones, you, cannabis is in effect of course. Is just that I find. It's effective. It's easier to titrate and find dose when you're on hormones than it is when you not. and. Is that related to the dynamic? You're talking about between cyclical hormones and constant hormones. Is that because? They're on that constant regimen so it. It takes some of that Some of those dynamics out of the picture right now and. Yes remember though that the. Even on cyclical hormones, you still can do well with cannabis issues that there may be times when you're dose needs to change, or or the frequency of use needs to change because of the fact that in a menstruating female a the Mesh Recycle. The amount of Anandamide Year Endo cabinet circulating is higher during the phase as the first half of the metro cycle is highest during ovulation and slower during the Oh phase so that you may find yourself. Not requiring as much cannabis. If you're during the during the first half, your cycle and then needing more cannabis in the second half year cycle, which is called the Lucio face, so you not everybody it's it's it may not even be the majority of women, but some women. Will have that experience and it's it isn't abnormal. That's the reason highlighted. It is not normal to have to change it dose depending on your cycle. and. It's rip, servent woman, who will even notice. That's happening.

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