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Fu Sat, mascot was unveiled, and then this name came to prominence within the community. I can only hope it happens again when the new mascot is unveiled later this year. huhne's emailed. US I think our member in one of the episodes. He said that you used antenna pod as you'll podcast manager antenna party, open source, and the lead developer is now working on version two of the APP. It's an important update with lots of bug fixes and improvements to honor this step. We now looking for a new logo an APP con. We'd love to get the help of designers for this. We've published a request on open source designed Dot Net, and I was hoping you might be able to help by sharing coal. We have more details available at Antenna pod dot. Org Slash design brief if anyone's interested. Now I use on ten apart and I think it's great and I hope that they don't change a inversion because it's crates. You can continue using version one point one or whatever yourself you've which your cell phone because you hate change. They change it once, and I have to get used to that so I'm sure it'll be great once it's changed, but yes, we'll have links to those places where if you have

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