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Best Of: Amin Elhassan Brings It - burst 03


Cusak with batons pappy Ju. We're going to be able to laugh today's gods. They did that to Cusak. Did He. Say Anything. Okay! God. Got Anymore there, that's a terrible joke. I was wondering I. Thought that might have been a good job. Put It on the pole. Guillermo at Lebatardshow please put it on. The poll at Lebatardshow did John Cusak. Say anything good joke. Bad Joke! You can't do that to John cusack. He's one of America's sweethearts. This. Case of mistaken identity. Keep going. Keep going. You can't do that to John Cusak. Most people love John Cusack the way they must love dogs. Think. We can stop with the serendipity. We're not GONNA be able to joke today. Are We

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