Croatia on a mission to save the summer from coronavirus


Why don't WANNA use the would post covert yet? That sounds too optimistic but nonetheless. Some encouraging news from Croatia Croatia has been very keen to get it some a holiday season on some sort of track. I hesitate to say back on track but it's trying to salvage the summer season and as part of that today it's opening its borders at two people from ten different European Union and handily. This includes pretty much all of its major tourism markets Austria Germany Slovakia and the Czech Republic. They're all allowed to now to enter Croatia for holidays People from Slovenia were already being allowed in so between all of those countries. You've pretty much got I. Think about seventy percent of the tourists who had Croatia over the summer season and the the tourism season is terrifically important cratia because it provides about twenty percent of the country's GDP and almost all of the visitors arrive in July and August. It's very very heavily. Weighted towards summit to getting people on the beaches in Istria and Dalmatia. And if you've ever been there in some Andrea as I think you have you'll know The particular nationalities which predominate Yeah I have been there in the summer. The the donation coast is You know as you well know an absolutely glorious part of the will travel in. It's it's excellent news. That people will be able to do it. But how carefully is Croatia being about this because obviously when you welcome people into your country right now you potentially welcome covid? Nineteen right along with them. Yeah and that's a really big thing for Croatia. Because it had some of the most the tightest restrictions of any European country in the time of its when it declared an epidemic inside Croatia It was very restricted. In terms of how creation people could move inside that country even inside their own cities and so opening up the country as it is now obviously does bring risk. So what they've done is they've chosen the country's Catholic. You will note. That Serbia is noticeably absent from the list of ten countries. Which is it's opening its border. Stay it's got a website called into Croatia on which people can enter their details whether they've been in contact with anybody with covid nineteen with they've recovered from its own and so forth all of this meant to firstly ease the passage of people into the country but also enable contact tracing if the raw outbreaks and we've seen recently for example a plane arrived from Frankfurt and Croatians are grab More than a dozen passengers and crew ended up testing positive the COVID nineteen but on arrival they all given contact details so very quickly The authorities were able to track trace and and snuff any sort of outbreaks out before they got a chance to get going and they're going to have to take this approach on a much larger scale. Of course the to have any sort of summer tourism season.

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