Barry der Menschenretter: People Rescuer

Dog Tales


Very Dimension Reta lived in a monastery, loved by monks whose names have been lost two time. For ease of understanding. We've used pseudonyms throughout this episode. The winter of eighteen o six had been long dark. Even for the mountain peaks of Switzerland the icy wind was unrelenting. The young Father Nicholas felt every bit of it as he trudged through the snow. The lone bright spot was berry, his faithful Alpine mastiff, leading the way to the fires of home. As Berry clear the deep snowdrift. He stopped in his tracks. His ears pricked. Something was amiss. By the time Father Nicholas heard the rumble of the avalanche. It was too late. There was no escaping the giant wall of snow cascading down the mountainside. But then. A miracle. The danger role to stop just short of their backs. Nicholas broke for home, adrenaline rushing through his veins. Barry! Didn't come with him. He was still standing there rooted in place. Father Nicholas's elation. Turn to dread. It wasn't because Barry was signaling another avalanche. The monk new the dog well and what this demeanor meant. That where people out there who needed help and Wouldn't come home until they will safe..

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