COVID-19 is disrupting services to treat non-communicable diseases



Prevention and treatment services for noncommunicable diseases or NCD's have been severely disrupted since the covid nineteen pandemic began according to a survey from the world, Health Organization released on Monday, the survey completed by one hundred and fifty five countries during three week period in May confirmed the global impact stemming from the pandemic revealing that low income countries most affected the situation is of significant concern, because people living within CDs are at high risk of severe. Kobe nineteen related illnesses and death. Results of this survey confirm what we've been hearing from. Countries for a number of weeks, says who chief Ted Ross at Hanham Gebreyesus many people who need treatment for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes have not been receiving the health services and medicines they need, and it's vital. Countries find innovative ways to ensure that essential services for NCD's continued, even as they fight the coronavirus.

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