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Florida Governor Deploys National Guard To Force Residents Back Into Malls, Movie Theaters



Lord is taking new measures to protect the state from the threat of Corona virus here, how Governor Ron Santa's plans to deploy national. Guard troops to force residents back into the states, malls, movie theater, and later amid growing budget cuts the United States Postal Service is looking to save some money by dumping all the mail in one big pile for everyone to go. We've got the latest on where that big pile of mail is. So you can start rummaging for your envelopes from the onion and onion public radio I'm leslie price and this is the topical. My bosses I'm not allowed to drink anymore seltzer while I'm recording because it makes too much, but I think he's full of Shit. Stay with us. Excuse me. As Corona virus cases continue to grow throughout the US. One state has decided to take drastic measures to overcome the pandemic earlier this week. Florida Governor Rhonda Santa's used his executive power to deploy the State's National Guard to force residents back into malls, movie theaters, and other businesses joining us now with more details as OPR's burke. Clint Remmy, what led to this decision by the Governor Well Leslie Florida officials say they're taking these measures. After millions of residents continued to avoid open restaurants and bars, and blatantly ignored government guidelines to get back out there and save the economy. I spoke to Jeff Pemberton A. A representative from Governor to Santa's his office. Who had this to say? No one wanted it to come to this, but the state's residents left us. No choice so the governor has signed an emergency measure that sense troops to our hardest hit areas to make sure people. There are getting out of their house and staying in stores until they buy something. HM, rummy! Aren't these actions a little extreme? They are in Pemberton acknowledged that this will unfortunately caused a huge blow to the state's population, but he insists that practicing social consumerism is the state's only option to stop this plague of economic downturn. Here's. Here's Jeff Pemberton again simply put irresponsible people are not taking the government advisory seriously by refusing to take the family to the cheesecake factory for dinner and pick up a few things at and barrel on the way home. We're putting all kinds of corporations endanger. We are at a breaking point where these rules must be enforced. The new measure also makes it illegal for the state's twenty one million residents to congregate in restaurants and food courts with fewer than ten people in the National Guard is authorized to question any individual who doesn't look like they've had a haircut in a while or whose roots? Roots are showing to make sure they've made an appointment at a local salon or barbershop. If they haven't those who are looking shaggy, are subject to a two hundred dollar fine, and will be taken to the nearest super cats well, even if they're trying to grow it out, that's right sounds so draconian. However Floridians responding to these new regulations for some residents, the governor's executive order is already taking a toll. Look. I realized that keeping the economy going is more important than everyone's health, but there has to be a balance I don't need any more scented body lotion from bath and body works. Eight games in a row. I don't know how much more my arm can take. They told me they shoot me with beanbag guns if I didn't pay to reserve the lane for the whole. Mural customized. You can't go to the hair to see honored. As the kind of Art God, I would that would make you laugh and cry, and his perfect for the whole family. Now if you do not buy your ticket to the four forty five screen, and then slowly make way. What are the confessions Dan to a large popcorn, drinks and candy of choice, we'll use force while some people could be incredibly selfish. Yes, and unfortunately there are some large groups of protesters trying to defy the orders. We have some audio of the National Guard, moving in and a crowd of people who were trying to leave a mall in Orlando without the required number of full shopping bags. So me. Shop Man. We could do this the easy way or the hard way, but you're going to go into that nail salon and you're going to Pat Yourself. The National Guard were finally able to control the crowd by using tear-gas to corner them a Sunglass Hut until they all bought ray bans. It's sad that this is what it takes to get some people to do. What's right for? For the economy, but remmy are officials worried that this could lead to an increase in corona virus cases. They're taking that into account, but Pemberton noted that those who will suffer the most will be the poor and people in nursing homes, and they don't have that much money to spend anyway well, that's not so bad. Then thank you ramming. That's OPR's Remmy Berkeley back in a

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