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George Floyd: Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison on Arrest of Former Police Officer Derek Chauvin


Joining now more on the arrest of the former. Minneapolis police officers Minnesota Attorney General. Keith Ellison and Attorney General let me let me. I get your response. It's sort of a a a whiplash experience yesterday. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman saying. This takes time. We sort through this. Today they announced the arrest your response. I think that one of the things all the protests have been calling for is a arrest in hard in his case that has happened You know a murder in this particular degree of it Carries with it a statutory maximum of twenty five years there is a guidelines recommended sentence presumptive sentence of somewhere between twelve and a half to fifteen years. This is a serious charge with serious time associated with it And the investigation is ongoing. There's a parallel factual investigation. But even with all that with the discharge the off of the four officers this charge the ongoing investigation against the other three. That's still not going to be enough to make people feel like we are on the road to a more just Minnesota so we need to really dig into the structural change implement those of core police reforms and other reforms. And that's what I'm committed tonight in into the

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