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Like nobody **** what lady Gaga makes


Athlete right you're also not skilled like they are and second of all that number sounds sick except half of it goes to uncle sugar second of all the average MLB careers about three years now I get it you paint houses you don't make that no disrespect you don't have a nine hundred OPS your not one of the ten painters in the world you got guys that are out there like Ronald Acuna or Juan Soto you got guys around you like Eloy Jimenez you got these dudes that are the next big thing and are either making five hundred right how about this what if you could only do your job for ten years like they could at Max stop doing it it's a dumb take caught it out it's dumb like nobody **** what lady Gaga makes nobody **** it what Ryan Reynolds makes to make god awful movies nobody says it nobody says but I'll be damned when an athlete's salary comes up these are the very people that you watch and you you get crushed pain fourteen dollar beer for you we don't get mad at the people trapped just trashing you for parking beer tickets and arrest you blame the players today it is the damndest thing I will tell you it is amazing and there are all owners next owners have networks of six billion dollars you're **** about a player might make a half a million dollars for the best three years of his life hell's the matter was that I it's not just one tax either like I was done I don't want people think I'm just picking one tax to read I mean there's well now you only do that when it's one of these political thing I only went to Michigan you know I mean it's Michigan Michigan state ID that no political I've read a ton of on that if I don't agree with all the time but it's I still read them one more and then let's get a blitz and getting annoyed not with you billionaire owners get too much credit from people I do side with the players I think they're gonna get this proposal done within the week they'd be smart to because I think there's a growing animus towards this entire process and it people are not going to sit here forever the best thing for baseball right now is that we have way more important things going on

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