A Pandemic Dahhhling, Do You Know What That Means?!



Hello everybody welcome back to the body. Serve Jonathan and I'm James. His I told you had a bit of a surprise for you at the start. Those, Where we're watching the great, we've got one episode left and it's filled with Hazaras. That is the catchphrase. We are in the middle of pride month, and before we get into the show, a special shot and thanks to Tom Humber stone who has been or designer over the years for? Various artwork that you may see associated with the body serve, and he's given the body serve a pride makeover, so we've updated all of our various socials and websites, and you can have a look at what he did there. We think it's just swell, so thank you talk so there's been a lot of news this week. Tennis's not exactly back in full swing, but it is apparently coming soon. The plans are in place for the US Open Roland Garros and for the WPA of pretty full fall. Schedule this to happen in one day. Basically. You wake up before i. do so when I got up. We'll tell you when that was or when that typically is. Knows a lot for me to catch up on. It took a while took like full day very like I had a a grasp of what was going on, and what it felt like to me, was one domino started, and then everybody was like damn. Yes, so the USDA teased a little bit earlier in the week that they were primed to go ahead than a big announcement was coming pending government approval we had heard rumors about the zoom calls this huge. ATP Zoom Com that no Ruben was talking about on the behind the rocket podcast, criticizing Novak Djokovic for allegedly not being there, so we knew there were is nothing alleged about to. He was not okay. The whole point university I don't WanNa get spread cheated. You know everybody's got to be charted once in a while. The so there were there were murmurs throughout the week, but. Wednesday at ten am. The US Open holds a press conference in the empty and cavernous. Arthur ash stadium. Stacey Allaster is there? They have a few other folks on court physician. Mc I forgot who that was. Sorry. My reporting skills are just not up to snuff over the the tennis break, but it was very much a public relations event. There were a lot of sport reporters on zoom. So after the the press conference happened, or after the main presentation happened, there were individual questions by. Reporters who they showed on zoom, and when we found out that there wouldn't be media physically on site. We got the sense that this, too was a trial run for what the media access will be at the actual tournament where presumably players will be interviewed via zoom. Right, so the big announcement as I'm sure you've already heard that the US Open will go ahead. As planned in the the same part of the calendar in New, York City at Billie Jean, King National Tennis Centre with no spectators, and with a lot of health provision in place, but listen I'm still surprised that they're going full steam ahead. I'm still extremely skeptical and especially what we're seeing now in. Clemson University for example. was. At twenty three members of the football team tested positive for COVID. The exploding numbers and Florida Arizona California baseball has affected right now. Golf is affected right now pretty much every sport that you've seen. Attempts to restart has been affected in one way or another in tennis. Not going to be immune to that and we'll get to why. We think that that's the case based on what's been going on overseas. Break so I? Guess I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's just go through the actual news first, and then we can comment on it as part of this abbreviated summer schedule, or there will be the Washington D. C.. C. Tournament, the city open held in DC, starting August fourteenth for the men I. Don't think we have heard about the possibility of a winds tournament yet, but I believe it's being discussed because it's typically joint event, right, it's not currently in the WTO calendar, but apparently that is still open, then the western and southern open. That is normally in Cincinnati will be held in New York City the week before the US Open. And then the US Open and because Cincinnati is moving to new. York. That means that there will be no qualifying. For the US Open because typically the week leading into the Grand Slam in New, York, city. It's this. It's this week long. Qualifying Extravaganza pretty much and so with Cincinnati playing that there's no room for qualifying

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