Minnesota's special session could end with no work


Story it remains to be seen if the Minnesota Senate will end it's part of the special session tonight as promised by Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka this is governor walls and Democrats want to keep the session going for a few more days to tackle police police and justice reform house speaker Melissa Hortman says it's too easy to walk away Republicans really want to do something on police reform accountability Democrats really want to do something on police reform accountability we have to go to a table and we have to negotiate and negotiate shins Intel give and take Senate Republicans this hour laying out bear public safety proposals which include banning chill cold expanding background checks and funding for enhanced training for crisis intervention cultural diversity and mental illness they said they will not support restoring voting rights to felons who served their time or anything resembling defunding police Democrats winning in minutes later this hour we're saying the policy caucus was not consulted in those negotiations senator Jeff Haden said a minor changes can't fix major problems walls briefly meeting with reporters at around six thirty tonight sounding upbeat about getting a good chunk of things done tonight this is a sticking point remains police accountability policy but discussions have been going on all day in good faith he said it's likely to be a long

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