Pa. AG: Grand Jury Probe Finds Regulatory Failures By DEP, Health Dept. In Natural Gas Drilling


State Attorney General Josh Shapiro says that regulation of the state's fracking industry has been a failure he released it to your grand jury report on how residents have suffered why people get stores from our infirmities were fracking is going all right children routinely wake up with blood pouring out of their nose for when livestock dies why are they dying the report's most critical of the state department of environmental protection which appear says has a cozy relationship with the industry it makes eight recommendations including requiring the industry to disclose the chemicals it uses and ending the revolving door between the industry and public employees both Este de P. and natural gas industry take exception to this report the DP says the wolf administration inherited a flawed ideological approach to regulation and has worked to correct it Marcellus shale coalition statement says the industry's clear and collaborative approach to regulation encourages safety and unfortunately is not reflected in this report which we are reviewing

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