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Jay Taking look at market at the moment of got to sign on a great deals change on yesterday I mean. Look we. We're up. Tonight it looks pretty strange on the fifth minute Chalamet. Tell you about what just happened before. This was about forty five minutes ago. Roughly on the on the ten am cancer. The ten fifteen can we pushed down to naughty, one hundred and sixty full, and only close close at nine to sixty one hundred dollars is very quick. Rural Real quick they're. Now. One of the main. Geez, it's pretty difficult to tell. This market has bain susceptible to those spot. Sometimes, we have saying that often around the morning session to you know we've seen those ruby candles, or and this one was a big of striking. It's not an overly large candle by any stretch of the imagination. It's just one of these candles. for May. It's some. It's just it. We'd that's. Women high point four percent up on bitcoin not now. We did get to a that was pretty hefty. Thousand Ninety full before closing at ninety two forty. This could just seems to be a little bit confused what it wants to do, but I tell you it's holding and it's been holding up here. Around that nine thousand to ten thousand mark, let's just say for the best part of walk since we got here, which was back on the thirtieth of April. So that's all of my and we are just about through jury not too long ago now for join, and it's been hanging out above nine thousand, the longer it holds above nine thousand. The better at potentially could get a hang in there as indicated. Sorry, would that pulling the more it looks like a consolidation that a than actual issued pros. It does sane to be comfortable up the now. Of course we have had the half and a couple of months ago now so. I'd spoken to this prior to the having and saying to everybody that look in the Pasta too offerings prior I can't change significantly. We're just off the. You know what we've seen. There is that we saw console eight for one of them and then move significantly high in the multiple thousands of percent. Also saying them dip. And then move higher in the multiple lodge amounts of returns as well so we've seen to Havanese, both one console one fell and then moved. Off Really liked to hype the way he could sell it. And continue to move here on Bitcoin as well to the upside. It would be lovely to see. We've gotta get above that. Ten, thousand bucks. Full brother anytime soon, but it would be very nice force to get Bitcoin right now we are at ninety, two, hundred, eighty, one. Dole's up point full full. Of a percent at the moment moving to a theory now at two, hundred, thirty, two and ninety cents up point two full I look. The of doesn't look too bad. That weekly trends still there really locked look of this trend to I think it's a good looking Jot It's just a matter now. Alva of getting that trend back in and kicking on. To further up saw that's that's really what the crux of it is just hanging out and waiting for that to occur. We haven't gone just yet. We need to break. Above a cool it to fifty, then we'll have that uptrend back in the swing of things, counterpoint to full Alviti, percent xl pays daily down trying to look. I was looking at stalking in short this morning because it's bane the waste out of the law Except, phase not really rattled the cage too much at all this year. It's been a very. As Been Crab Woken shall, we say it's been very very small in in its ranger. Course we did you know full to a low of at ten cents. Back away sold at big full earlier in the year in March but we. We've rebounded rebounded. We rebounded that twenty three and a half cents, but we've just. Feel like I feel like for quite some Thomas Bain Very. Saad wise, you know. We're looking at one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven. Twelve weeks. That's three months while we haven't seen a great of activity and I. Suppose it probably feels. Longer than it is. Three weeks is a long time in Crypto is seventy awake so. You know we are currently sitting up on I'll pay point four four percent of one I taint point two cents, but I'm really keeping on today to see if I can find a short guy would if there are shorts on the table down eighteen cents is sort of where I'm looking bitcoin cash three thirty three dollars, tens two hundred thirty three dollars and ten cents its up point three four yesterday it did close flat on the again, a very solid wise shot, wanting to save get out of that sawed consolidation guy very boring much the signs that saw Pai simultaneous they abyss face hanging in there seven, hundred and seventy two. H Down today is down point three of a percent again, a very average looking shot nothing to be too exhausted about lot hanging in there as well yesterday. What Lot coin yesterday was Dan? Listen support on lot Barrett that that forty live at forty, one sixty one. There is a level of support running through, and that could potentially setup trades over the coming days if there is going to be a further downstream always. To having. Shows will be Ivan to actively pursuing shorts. I don't have any short trades. On at the modern actions about I don't have any trades are open at the moment just watching that level of forty one fifty sixty around that sort of ragent saying how we go up half percent forty two year fifty today look assigned can also said. there is a bit of support down around with turtles. Forty Watching that as well as it does, build and consolidate into their modern. Actually give me a short tried. I would currently forty eight, which represents point four two percent gain tonight, thus far with one hour into the trading day the folk. A little while ago full. That's anything to a significant dent. Also today there is a bit of support down there on around to forty six. To forty three, forty, six, so behaving and all of that threat, the dies well just save. It does come down given other opportunities, their full mate Bonnets at fifteen dollars and ninety five cents really slide gone. It did have been dip. Damn came straight back down point seven percent USA closing at Fifteen Dole's ninety nine cents. A fifteen dollars ninety seven right now. I'll off percent not much going on. That's buffet.

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