North Carolina speedway owner offers 'Bubba Rope' for sale


Be able to fix ugly but you cannot fix stupid and that's the category I'm a put this North Carolina speedway owner in the owner of a North Carolina racetrack advertise bubble rope for sale in a social media market place just days after Bubba Wallace if we found out that there was a noose in his garage and I've seen the picture from NASCAR it is a news that does not make it it by any stretch of imagination I hate crime or of news for the purpose of hanging anything or anyone makes a pretty handy little poll this a matter of fact but it is the only garage there that had that the rest and just head straight up broke at any rate I don't know why Mike thought the owner of this half mile speedway thought it would be a good idea but he bought on the Facebook market place by your bubble wrap today for only nine ninety nine each the comes with a lifetime warranty and it works great I think he obviously was just trying to get some attention first racetrack he probably is looking to get some more business all he got was an inbox full of hate mail yeah there's since been taken

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