Great Comet of 1861 discovered - May 13, 1861


Was made thirteenth eighteen. Sixty one Australian amateur astronomer. John Tebbit Observed Great Comet of Eighteen. Sixty line the comment was visible to the naked eye for about three months and it was visible through telescopes until eighteen. Sixty two John. It was born in in Windsor New South Wales and his father was a farmer. He developed an interest in astronomy early on thanks to conversations with his tutor at work and articles that he read by Astronomer John Russell Hind in eighteen fifty. Three Tebbit bought Marine sextant. He also had a clock with a seconds pendulum that regulated by making celestial observations and he had a small telescope over the next few years he acquired more instruments this first astronomical publication in the Sydney Morning Herald in eighteen fifty four when comments appeared. Tebbit would calculate their orbit. A comment isn't icy body in space that releases gas as it passes near the son in eighteen fifty eight. He observed Donizetti's comment in Australian Sky Timid also observed phenomena like meteors planets and variable stars between eighteen fifty four and eighteen sixty two. He published thirty four pieces in the Herald eighteen. Sixty the government astronomer William Scott and bite it Tebbit to work at the Sydney Observatory Turned down the request on May thirteenth eighteen. Sixty one tebbit was thirteen. The skies for comets. There is marine telescope. He saw a nebulous. Object Mir a star in the constellation a readiness. He decided to keep observing object. Tubby sent a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald announcing his discovery of the great comet of eighteen sixty one and it was published in the paper on May twenty fifth his twenty seventh birthday in it. He said the following while engaged. In examining the heavens with a small telescope. On the evening of Monday the thirteenth instant nebulous star of about the fifth magnitude in the Constellation. Our readiness attracted my attention. It was then a distant a few minutes of a decree from thirteen sixteen of the catalog. A star of the sixth magnitude. Finding there was no nebulous star in the catalog in the same position. I immediately conjectured. It must be comet. He went on to say that he realized the comet had moved half decree and that he had told William Scott about his observation announcement incited a considerable amount of public excitement and responses. Tebbit continued making observations on the comic for weeks. The comet became visible in the Northern Hemisphere. In late June earth passed through the comments tail causing meteor showers. It remained visible to the I for around three months but it stayed visible through a telescope for several more months. The comment is formally designated C eighteen. Sixty one J one and hundred sixty one to the term. Great Comet isn't an official designation but it typically describes comment that is extremely bright as most comments are not visible to the naked eye. And even when they are they're often fuzzy fate tebbit built his own small observatory and continue to publish his observations. The Great Comet is expected to return and the twenty third century

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