#459 - Black Atheist Trump Voter Returns vs. David Smalley - burst 32

Dogma Debate


Standing next to Vladimir Putin after all of our FBI and intelligence groups tell our president that Russia interfere with elections. Donald trump comes out. I asked Putin. He said he didn't do it. I believe that Ukraine did it. Why would our president? That's treason bro. That is treasonous to deny all of your own internal intelligence agencies and believe the leader of another country who is said to be our enemy who attacked us in a cyber attack and you agree with that president over your own people. Donald trump is a fucking traitor. How can patriots get behind him? Then me lend me charter. Let's get real for a second okay. There's a lot about me that I just don't express but I'm not making this Yousef for Donald Trump. What I'm saying is I don't know what it's like to be president. I don't Judge Obama too harshly because I don't understand what it's like to be in that so I'm not I'm not with this whole be regular citizens that can act. Does the president any and everything but what I will say is with. You are the president of the United States is a balancing act is between what people perceive and what. Your true intentions really are. And I don't know where that line is. Donald Trump but what I'm saying is there has to be a level of secrecy negotiation and a plan sometimes keeping into enemies closer. The phrase is a smart strategy and I'm not saying Donald Trump is a strategist. He could possibly be doing the dumbest thing in the world but also willing to consider the Donald Trump is trying to play it a certain way to get it like make Putin think he's dumb or Putin fake he's his firm and Donald Struck is working. Another angle is a possible well the willing to rule it out. Well we able to say so with a lot more assurance if we could see the man's tax returns if we knew who he was in bed with but the fact that we don't know who is in bed with that Eric Trump in an interview with golf magazine in I believe two thousand fourteen when they said how are you getting the money for the golf resort said quote. We're getting all the money we need from Russia. And then the man says he's going to release. His tax returns never releases his tax returns. We really don't know what business deals he's made. We know that he's made deals in Moscow that we know that a lot of Russian Business deals were made in the trump tower and then he goes and has this off the record. Nobody can be. They're not even translators. I mean to translators but not even

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