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Google's Meet for video calls - Zoom killer?



Security has been lax. you've heard of zoom bombing where nasty people invade your meeting and pedal pornography and profanity. This happened because users did not take the time to not allow people to share their screens but enough of it happen for people to start reaching out and for better alternatives zuma's free but it has limits on how long the meeting can be and how many people can be in the room unless you pay starting at fifteen dollars monthly. Google meet starts at six dollars. A month in goes up from there but google has made the program free through september. So what are you get. Well nothing beats inviting people to a meeting directly from g mail but from there you get a bare bones meeting program sure you get security and the ability to share your screen correctly but little else you can record the meeting but the video get saved your google drive and it counts as part of your monthly storage which google charges you for zoom. Lets you download the recording to your hard drive. Meat is missing some of those nifty filters we come to love on soom like adding a different background or blurring the background which you can do with microsoft teams and skype. What you get our captions which are pretty cool. If you need it and actually kind of amazing google offers a real time. Rundown of everything we're saying and in my tests it was one hundred percent accurate but would i pay six dollars a month for me. I think you know the answer. Absolutely not so. Many other alternatives namely zoom hang out skype teams. And i could go on and on and on

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