What is the mystery illness possibly linked to COVID-19 that is affecting children


We just heard from Dr Anthony Fauci buried among the warnings he put out today for Congress is that children are at greater risk if we open up the count of the country in schools too early also the CDC is planning to issue an advisory related to a mystery illness affecting young children that may be linked to the crown of fibers for more on all this return to the KCBS ring central news line and talk with Dr Yvonne Maldonado chief of infectious diseases at Lucille Packard children's hospital and professor at Stanford school of medicine the professor thanks as always for making some time for us before we get into this whole mystery illness let's talk about the broader picture that doctor found she referenced today the risk to kids if we reopen schools too soon your thoughts well I do think we have to start planning but we need to be very careful about how we do that so we need to make sure that if we get children back into school we know how to control the environment for them so that they don't become infected and they don't infect others I think the heavy lifting of planning and he needs to start now because all will be here before we know it so is it still believe that they are lower risk of contracting the virus themselves and it's just that once they get into school they have more contacts with other people than adults would at the same time period you know I don't think we really understand why children don't don't have the same manifestations that adults too it's very common for children to be the first to get infected with new diseases and so whether they're getting infected and not as likely to be symptomatic or whether they're truly have different protective mechanisms that are keeping them from being infected is not clear if it's probably a combination let's segue now into this mystery illness it's being reported we're hearing about a toxic shock like information that affects the skin the eyes blood vessels in the heart and an often leaves these kids seriously ill with some patients requiring ventilation what do you make of all that well that extraction drums actually been known for a long time many different infections with viruses and bacteria can cause that so I think that's not the new part of this what's new is that it's happening with probably in response to this particular virus so we know that can happen with staff are dropping sections we know Kannapolis viral infections it's very uncommon but it does happen and it looks like it's not very common in children but it is happening and we're still learning more about it can you prevent it because so what the way I understand it then it it happens in response to another a point of information in the child's body and they've been successful in preventing that inflammation from occurring with other original infections yes so essentially what we think is happening here is it's really the immune we again as far as we understand it seems that the immune system is somehow triggered on in going awry in trying to you know respond to an infection sh and so there have been a number of treatment that we can offer on the in patient in the hospital side as well as continuing treatment for children that have continuing complications we've been doing that for many many years and that we're adding newer therapies as well that seems to be working in many other cases would come of it as well as in the cases that we've seen before it Dr Maldonado again thank you for making time for us we do appreciate that Dr Yvonne Maldonado chief of infectious diseases at Lucille Packard children's hospital and professor at Stanford school

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