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Jen Elizabeth Talks Cults, Trauma, and Addiction


Have me around. Now I'm happy and healthy and I have the best friends of my life. I mean true friendships and none of that is awful. I think it's a great journey to be the person you always wanted to be before you became a prisoner to the wine so I say don't be scared. How Fun Sobriety? Is Amazing. How many times have I said? I've got a great episode for you today. I know I say it every time and I mean it every time and I mean it again today you know. I used to record all of my episodes in person and I really miss doing that. There's something so special about the energy you share with someone in the same room. And the connections we make with each other is truly amazing and today's interview made me Super Sad to not be in person because this is someone I admire and have admired on social media for a long time. She has been to the depths addiction the depths of trauma and she's a real one hundred percent true warrior and I would have loved the opportunity to sit with her. I R L. in real life for those of you who don't know. Irl is in real life. And I bet we could have talked all day. Honestly I tell you all the time to never underestimate your strength as a person with addiction. There's nothing you can't overcome and nothing you can't survive even when it's terrifying and overwhelming in totally frustrating you feel like you're at your wit's end you can't take another moment of it. I promise you you will get through. Because we are the strongest people on the planet in. Today's guest is a true example of that. She has an amazing story a book that is a phenomenal tale of life and tragedy and heartbreak. And I'm about halfway through the book right now and I can't wait to finish the rest of it like literally from page one. I was kind of blown away. Some super excited to finish it. And if you are in the inner circle membership I have a special video segment with Jen. That will only be available for our members in a huge. Thanks by the way to our inner circle members. You guys have me so excited to continue to provide amazing content for you more videos. There are some super exciting things coming up in May were going to do a sober vision workshop to break down your vision for your life and your new sober life and put together a step by step plan to make it happen in your life in a way that works for your lifestyle like totally personalized all. Walk through every piece of it with you and it's going to be incredible and pay attention to your emails. Because that announcement and sign up information will be coming out soon too and a quick note on email before we dive into this episode. If you are one of the many people that have signed up for a free consultation with me make sure you're watching your inbox to get scheduled. I always get a lot of requests for free. Consults in my team is amazing at responding within twenty four hours to get you scheduled as quickly as possible and I know often times when you reach out to me for consultation like you're in a situation in. You're ready to get to work immediately and I want to accommodate that for you but if you don't respond to our emails it makes it a little bit difficult so know that if you submit form you will get a response within twenty four hours if you don't see a response please check your spam folder and if you filled out a form and then changed your mind. Just let us know so. We don't keep bugging you write that way. My team can move on and spend their time on people who are ready to get to work and you can reach back out when you're ready and I'm going to link all of that in the show notes to as always like how to sign up for the inner circle membership how to request a free consultation. All of that's on the website at www dot my recovery toolbox dot com there or sign up forms all over the place on there. There's a whole page. That explains Inner Circle and everything you get all the value in that super inexpensive again. Wwe DOT my recovery toolbox dot com. And I will link that in the show notes for you so you can.

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