The Andromeda Strain (2008)


The last night on NASA satellite loss door but came down in a remote part of southern Utah. Soccer came down and killed a lot of people. I mean no one's saying could be a gas some kind of a virus. We've biological agent now. Code named and Drama School Welcome to now. Playing andromeda strain retrospective series and prominent was at the heart of the now playing viral outbreak. Movie Review Series Top Scan Dr Hosted by Jacob. What have you got to fight this Stewart? How much does he know about project? Scoop US I can tell nothing yet and already just wanted to inform you that all members of your team have been cleared of being called in get complete details on everything when your team is assembled. This podcast may contain detailed plot. Spoilers and harsh language the recommend calling a wildfire alert listener discretion is advised today. We're discussing the drama stream starring in German Brat Eric McCormick Christa Miller. Daniel Day Kim with Ricky Schroder and Andre Brower directed by Mikhail Solomon. This is your member of species podcasts in Furnace Arnie and Stewart and this is the Great know-it-all Jacob we reached the two thousand a decade. That in its first seconds. Everyone was freaking out about a bug the Y2K virus. Remember this. Oh yeah there wasn't a virus though. That was thing with coding errors but computer viruses have plagued the twenty first century. Y2k was not one of them. That was just because people in one thousand nine hundred sixty s and nineteen even through the eighties. We're like we'll never need to have a four digit year at our lifetime. Yeah it was a non event but everyone just thought that we could all be groveling in the darkness like converting the cavemen and kind of like how we are. Now maybe but as an it person let me say it was a non-event because steps were taken hadn't steps not been taken it wouldn't have been a non event. Would we've lost power? Would the world of melted down with planes a fallen from the sky? No none of that would have happened. But you're spreadsheets. It'd be pretty fucked up if we hadn't done our job and we thank you for that. I use spreadsheets everyday for work. So thank you in anyway. I think we all know that terrorism quickly took the spotlight but remember Saddam Hussein. Did threaten to US BY A weapons. It was the reason why we invaded Iraq. Colin Powell win before Congress. Held up this vile. I don't know what was in this. Vile could've been tap water but it was scary because he held up the violin. He said this is the reason we need to go to war and war because yes. Saddam supposedly had this plague that could wipe us all out. And so that was worth risking. The invasion of the country and Powell was right. There was a biological epidemic that could wipe us out going on but it wasn't in Iraq. It was in Hong Kong at the same time we were invading Iraq and finding out there was no weapons of mass destruction. Hong Kong was having an outbreak of SARS bird. Flu member that one. Yeah I feel like the last twenty years bird-flu in swine flu like all these animals just given us this flu. It's corona virus. I mean you guys really. It's all young family. Cova nineteen and much deadlier. I mean it actually has a fatality rate of ten percent pro Kobe. Nineteen three percent. We laugh at you with bird virus. Yeah you have merged which you get from camels and that's super deadly. Yeah and you know if it stayed in these animals. We might be better about okay. You can get sick. I'll be fine but of course the whole point is viruses copy themselves imperfectly. That means mutation. That means that they eventually have properties that allow them to jump into other animals like human beings and that's what happened in Hong Kong in two thousand and two two thousand two was spreading throughout Asia in two thousand and three. They're not exactly sure how patient zero got SARS but the fact that Hong Kong is a world renowned trading post with lots of wet markets. Where we've heard about these exotic animals corralled by pigs and chickens and that is a reason why it broke out and we ought to be glad that it is more deadly than Cova nineteen because it meant that it was less infectious if you get it and you die quits going to spread his fast if you have it and don't know it for two or three weeks and SARS you couldn't spread it if you didn't have the symptoms you were a symptomatic. Nobody else was going to get it from you so after two years. They were eventually able to get this under control. I think the official number is eight hundred. People died but that's coming from China. May even if it were triple that number. That's nothing close to the death. Toll of Cova nineteen. Yeah seems so small by comparison whereas at the time it's like Oh my God yeah and I think SARS legacies and unfortunate one for Americans. I think we because that happened. I can at least say personally I believe. Oh that's Chinese problem. You don't WanNa go to Hong Kong. Because that's where all the viruses are the only way that it impacted me. I'm embarrassed to say was that changed my job and made it a whole lot easier. I had got hired to serve on this boat for semester at sea. And they were taking all these college kids all across Asia. Bird-flu broke out. And they're like okay. We're going south last minute. They're just we're going south. And we'll just go whatever's down there which meant Australia New Zealand. None of the teachers knew anything about down under and so that meant no lectures. I was the Guy Guests Party. Yeah lots of Crocodile Dundee in Yahoo serious. Yeah but she was an omen of things to come and of course nobody thinks of corona virus is being purely stuck in one area of the world anymore pandemics our global but obviously SARS is not the reason why you bring back the andromeda strain. Michael CRICHTON's the reason right. You just keep trying to mind. His works for money. Yeah he wanted to sell those rights again. Yeah I think. Disaster movies were all the rage in the nineteen nineties. You could kind of look as that first movie was a disaster movie or could be and I think he was outbreak. That was kind of problem. They wanted to bring it back and movie theaters and outbreak didn't hit. They couldn't find an alien director. Ridley Scott was off making G. I. Jane He Could Make His hot zone movie. And so finally. Somebody said alright Scifi channel and they got Frank Darabont. Frank darabont ruined his career with that Jim Carey movie the majestic and they're like you can do this and he was like all right and Scifis idea was we love it. This is in our wheelhouse but you gotta make the virus sentient. It's gotTa be an alien. Are Things so eventually we gotta be seeing somebody with antenna on their heads and that was what they were going to build two and I think they're about was going to make that movie but basically ended up getting offered the mist and that was what he really wanted to do and enter Ridley and Tony Scott Scott. Free productions is trying to expand into television. They have a couple of shows on TV numbers. Cbs procedural is their biggest hit. And they think okay. We'll do drama but not for Scifi where we want something with a little bit more respect they land up in a and e. It started in the world is like Jane Austen Costume Dramas and ballet and opera arts and entertainment. But by this point they were hiring dog the bounty hunter and Duck Dynasty and criss angel. It was all an arts and entertainment. Wow I thought that would be Siham. Teed became a reality TV network so they were trying to rebrand and they saw the Scott brothers and andromeda strain as a great way to do that so they said absolutely but about that budget and the Scots say on the commentary. That was the big problem was that they had the property they wanted to do. Ridley Scott finally is going to get to make his hot zone so to speak but there were certain budgetary restraints and that included a very short window for pre production and shooting on green screens and Canada. Which if you shouldn't Canada that also means you're hiring of certain ratio of Canadian actors. And so I think it was compromised. I would be a gentle way of saying how this movie turned out but it was a hit for point. Eight million people watched it. It is the second biggest movie a ever did six emmy nominations including outstanding miniseries. And they lost Paul Giamati. He's John Adams. Hbo Second President Series but respectable. It gave me some hope that this wasn't going to be SCI FI channel. Dune or well tell you saw Benjamin Bratt was in it. He as well like I said they knew they didn't have the money for the cast that they wanted and released got certainly could have gotten a higher caliber of performer. But not without some coin and he's not making it. This is being made by Mikhail. Solomon who was largely known as a cinematographer he was DP on the abyss. His career from this point forward is directing lifetime and any movies. Well we've covered him before he was the director of the Salems. Lot many series from twenty four. Yeah which I liked that was on. Tnt and that was good enough. I I thought it was superior to Tobe Hooper. I like that book a lot so it helped. And we're going to be seeing him again when we finally get to big driver in the Stephen King retrospective away. I saw it is a lifetime movie. There's a lifetime movie based on a Stephen King novel. I think there's two actually deer it's strange but anyway well we'll stick with this one. Arne. Why don't you give them the plot again? I think it'll feel a little familiar. But they did update. This is not only an adaptation of the book. Oh Yeah I had to write a whole new plot. Summary when a satellite crashes near Piedmont Utah it releases a virus that instantly kills most of the town's residents the army gives that virus the codename Andromeda General. George man check played by Andrei brower invokes project. Wildfire team of specialists assembled to try and research and determine how to stop this plague. That team led by Dr Jeremy Stone played by Benjamin Bratt. His Ex flame surgeon. Angela noise played by Chris. Miller military virologist major BIL Keane played by Ricky Schroder. It's Rick Schroder. Damn it no it used to be. Rick went back to Ricky by this point. Really he would still himself. Rick stor I mean what choice does he have. The He wants work that you've got to appeal to that. One thousand nine hundred eighty s silver spoons crowd. Yeah it was. It was in the nineties and early. Audits that he was like as wreck. But I was surprised. It is ricky in the credits here. Microbiologist Dr C. Chow played by Daniel Day Kim. At pathologist Dr Charlene Barton played by Viola Davis. They go to an underground lab to study the virus as well as two survivors from the town and old man and Akaki baby meanwhile above ground to drug addict reporter. Jack Nash played by Eric. Mccormack gets wind of wildfire and begins investigating the government keeps trying to shut them down by killing his informants arresting him and more back underground general man check tells the scientists the origin of the satellite dish. It was used in project scoop and investigation of a wormhole that appeared in our solar system. The satellite got near the wormhole and came crashing back to Earth and on earth and drama to mutates starts killing animals as well as dissolving solid material. The wildfire team realizes and drama can communicate with its other cells and they find a Binary Code on drama that tells them Bacillus and furnace bacteria only found in thermal vents that bacteria easily destroys and drama and the group theorized. The bacteria is from the future mean. Talk about pulling it out of your ass. All right. Maybe as wormholes our travel through space and time they think that future humans sent Andromeda back and the reason being not to kill their own past but to tell us to save the Bacillus in furnace. Is Stephen Hawking dead or did this kill him see? The president was beginning to promote thermal vent mining. And it's possible that in the future all bacillus in furnace was destroyed so future humans had no way to fight drama but by sending and drama to back in time. Humans can be warned and noted. Keep some of the spy logical matter around the government wants to keep some Andromeda as a weapon so the evil Colonel Ferris Blackmails Barton to keep a container and drama gets loosened the station which begins a nuclear self destruct to sterilize. The land but drama actually grows stronger on nuclear energy so the scientists of wildfire must team up to stop the self destruct in doing this keen and shower killed in the aftermath of the event stone..

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