Pennsylvania extends unemployment benefits program


Pandemic assistance winds down at the end of this month, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania officials officials have have announced announced an an extension extension for for unemployed unemployed workers workers and and his his K K y y tamales. tamales. Kristen Kristen Joe Joe Hansen Hansen reports reports the the urging urging those those facing facing desperate desperate Times Times to to reach reach out out for for state state help help Pennsylvania's Pennsylvania's offering up to an additional 13 weeks of benefits for unemployed workers on top of the extra weeks provided by the feds Department of Labor Secretary Jerry Alexey Jack. So with this drawing to a close this extra $600 we know there are going to be people in need. But if you went on unemployment sometime within the last year and have used up that money you will have to apply and the additional weeks don't include the extra $600 which so many count on, and that's where the department Human services comes in people in Pennsylvania and around the country may soon find themselves in increasingly uncertain circumstances are public assistance Network exists to help people during times exactly like what we're currently facing. Two recent Miller is secretary of human Services and urges family stretching the dollar Tio, eat or get proper care to reach out for help His programs help ensure that people have access to health care, have enough food to eat and are able to pay utility bills, things that we all need. Be able to do for additional

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