State flags moved to Museum of Mississippi History


Is moving its old flag with its Confederate imagery to a museum. NPR's Debbie Elliot reports. The flag has been taken down from state buildings. Under a law approved last week, the state flag, first adopted by white supremacists in 18 94 incorporated the Confederate battle emblem. The banner will now be housed in the state's history museum. That's the the proper proper context context for for it, it, says says Pamela, Pamela, Junior Junior director director of of the the Mississippi Mississippi Civil Civil Rights Rights and and History History Museums. Museums. After After 126 126 years, years, we're retiring this flag and putting it in a place in a museum, where people can be educated and and long and be able to interpret looking. Interpret that flag. Commission will design a new Mississippi state flag that will be put to popular vote in November. Debbie Elliot

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