Girl, 15, wounded in Braintree mall shootout near Boston


Are under arrest. After a shooting at a Braintree mall yesterday were a 15 year old girl was shot. W. B C TV's Christine erects with more police and SWAT rushed to the mall, placing it on lock down with hundreds of shoppers inside on authentication amongst two groups inside the plaza. The shots came from right outside Nordstrom in the malls, hallway. Police say two groups were in a fight. Then two men in their twenties fired about six shots at each other, hitting a 15 year old girl in the crossfire. Wayward told shoes. They actually not even near the group when she was struck, So we don't believe he had anything to do with it at all. The suspect ran from the mall, prompting area neighborhoods to shelter in place. Nearly two hours later, they were arrested. Then, after nearly three hours on lock down the final people inside the mall. We're let out, still shaken and holding their kids tight

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