20 Khashoggi murder suspects on trial in Turkey in absentia


A court in Turkey has begun the trial in absentia off 20 Saudi Arabian nationals accused of the murder of the Saudi journalists. Jamal Khashoggi. A vocal critic of Saudi Arabia is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul two years ago. The BBC Shoddy Alka chief, is there You're in Turkey. There's two ideas. The 1st 1 thinking that this is a simple IQ trial coming when there is no more evidence, and those whose child in this case is not in Turkey, and the body ofthe German did not found yet, but the other part looking for it as a political trials, where the relationship between Riyadh on Ankara is very bad, and also they think that maybe Turkey needs to send a message. To Saudi Arabia. Maybe this will push this case forward and push for Arial toe cooperate in the investigation.

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