New Jersey - Hoboken Mayor Confirms Highest 2-Day Total Of New COVID-19 Cases Since Mid-May


Across the nation has been steadily climbing for the past week. More than 50,000 new cases were reported yesterday. Many trying to figure out how to safely celebrate the holiday weekend, and there's a new cluster of cases in Hoboken Mayor Robby Bhalla says 13 new covert 19 cases Thursday and Friday are the highest two day total since mid May. All traveled out of state where they attend to gatherings, Thankfully, They heated our call that we previously put out alerting residents. To this early tread. And to get tested. If you traveled to a hot spot, ST Most were asymptomatic. And he says That's why the governor asking travelers from 16 states. A quarantine is so important as well as testing, Hoboken's chief health specialist, Lynette Maduro says it's not just a problem in Hoboken. Actually, we're seeing spikes in cases across the state better travel related. I've been in contact with other health departments and other health officers and public health professionals and Especially over the last week. We can have Samantha Lippman 10. 10 wins in

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