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Think that the When I talked to people in this group, they all have a slightly different view. They all have a slightly different goal. Ah, lot of it is left of left so that they have in common and beyond that, when it comes to tactics when it comes to platform when it comes to gold. They're all very different. You've got some people who are flat out anarchists like they any any establishment any sort of government. This is why they hadn't done the target businesses and banks. There, there against that. That's you know, that's the man. And then you've got folks who are just like looking for a way to voice and maybe don't agree with the violence but also haven't Do it up, do it either and are engaging in it when it when, when, When it's opportunistic, I would say, I think you know, I have interviewed a lot of young people in this movement. They go out to a protest. And everybody around him is doing it and they're sort of

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