How will Tom Brady fair behind the Bucs offensive line? - burst 06


The best player that's ever played in the NFL and to out. His whole career is never been about him. He's always taken less money to make sure that the team has I mean he could have got paid forty million a year. What what is Matt? Ryan supposed to get next year forty, one, billion, forty, one million. Two yeah while every. quarterbacks are getting paid twenty five thirty million dollars a year. You know Tom Brady's over getting paid eighteen, million, twenty million. You know it's like come on now. Okay? He has played twenty years, so you? Know. It's not like he's poor. No right twenty years of eighteen million dollars. But the point being it's a character thing and we we. We seem to have a whole team full of guys like that. We're just very very character driven, and they're good people and they want to be at Tampa. Yeah, like team oriented. This off off-season Cambrian. You took less money to stay here and Mike Evans has in years past restructured his contract and give the bucks a little more wiggle room, so and they all seem to have very good chemistry with each other. All the units are very tight. The secondary seems very very tight. The defensive line very sight of the front seven back very tight. Wide receivers I what I really like Chris Godwin's personality and character he's. It seems like a really good guy. Same same thing with Shaquille Barrett you know. They just seem like really good guys I don't. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm wearing. My buccaneers tenants sunglasses when we'll look at them. I think maybe, but I do think that

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