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Pillsbury, this is a post show episode in which a special guest and I will chat about last week's episode in which I spoke with James Kim the creator of the fiction podcast moon face. I recommend listening to that episode. If you can before you listen to this. This one. It should be right behind this one in your podcast listening APP now. It's time for me to introduce the personal. Be Speaking with today I. Am so thrilled to have with me Elena. Fernandez Collins, and my guess is that many of my listeners may already know who you are, but please introduce yourself and explain what you're working on these days. Hey. It's really wonderful to be here. Yeah, I am a podcast critic and a journalist. I write for places like the Bello. Collective podcasts movement, and the AV club and I specialize in fiction podcasts, so I write a newsletter called audio dramatic. That's all about fiction podcasts, and that's kind of my big wheel house. I actually have a question for you about that. The reason why I wanted to have you on the show is we've met in person. We met at podcasts movement actually, and that was a thrill for me because I've seen I've gotten to know you on twitter and social media and the Bello collective slack but I'd never had a chance to actually get to know you. And obviously your interest in fiction made perfect sense for this episode, but I wanted to know. Have you always been interested in fiction, or did you have a phase where you're listening to nonfiction? How did you get into this space yourself? I started in fiction podcasts I, actually spent a long time, not listening to any nonfiction podcasts because they weren't my jam I'm the opposite of a lot of people that I have met in the industry. Yeah, I! Get the feeling from a lot of people that I talked to. And myself included in this that nonfiction has been the gateway for so many of us and that moving into fiction. For some reason you know there's hesitation around that, and in fact, I think that you wrote a piece that was sort of like how to entice people who aren't interested in fiction. to expose themselves to the genre isn't is that right and we did that? Come from the conversations you had with other people, and they would say i. just don't know where to start or I'm not really interested. Where did that come from? That's exactly where it came from. It came from. You. Know me telling people that I. Want to start talking about fiction podcasts online, which is kind of how this got started totally by accident, I had a lot of people who I wanted to talk about podcast with, but we were in like completely different universes of podcasting like I would try their stuff and getting them to try. My stuff was also really complicated, but both of it was just couldn't find like how to Rub along together and like figure out which. which topics we were really interested in or which styles we really interested in. and so I I learned a lot about how to link nonfiction and fiction together in the past few years so. Thank you for humoring me by answering a few of my questions I know I'm here to answer some of yours so. We. Shift gears now take it away. So I. You told Paul Condo. In the previous polls show that the choices that you make in who to interview, come down to a combination of your personal fascination or history and podcasting that you think your audience can learn from. So what made you want to interview James Like what specifically about James, audio and creative history like? Put Him on your list. Yeah. That's a great question. So in his case, it was definitely the fascination with what he had created. I will confess that I am someone who has. Listened primarily to nonfiction and I think one of the reasons is that. I've never been a science fiction fan and I've never been a fantasy fan in books that I read in television that I watch with the exception of Lord of the rings which I am obsessed by so I can go there right and I love Star Wars. So for the most part I've listened nonfiction and I. Think what really grabbed me about. What James was doing was that this looked like something that could be. That was realist that was based on his life that didn't have. You know spaceships. Are you know going on a you know some kind of fantastical journey and looked like I mean it's sort of how he describes it in our discussion, like look like the slice of life story, and then after that grabbed me and really what I saw was the video trailer that he had made, and I was intrigued by that because I hadn't seen many video trailers that looked like movie trailers for podcasts before, and then I did some due diligence, did some research and realized will one of the reasons why this is? Realist is because it is actually based on his experiences and. And, so I had been looking for something to dig into. That was fiction I want to explore a fiction and this felt like how this feels like. It's something that I think I would that would resonate with me, not because I'm obviously I can't walk in his shoes. I am not Korean and I'm I'm not worried about coming out to my mom, but I felt that there was something human that I could relate to about what the story that he was telling and I was right. I will admit that when I listened to the first episode and he talks about this in the show. Live sex and I was you know a little lake water? Oh, like this is different than other things I've heard and but I realized that he wanted us to be in that space. Where maybe it is a little uncomfortable. Maybe you're. Really seeing an intimate side of this person that you're not used to seeing in podcast or in a lot of media I sort of thought. Wow, this is this is brave and then. I think it's. It's inherently relevant to the story. He's telling us well, but that's something that I realized as I continued to listen.

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