Mass virus testing in state prisons reveals hidden asymptomatic infections



Only a few hundred deaths have been recorded out of a population of two point two million inmates lower than that of the general population in most prisons overwhelming Jordy of those who got the virus have been asymptomatic and are now already immune and have been for quite some time since only causing mass that's burning through the jails this has everything to do with accelerating an already dangerous the incarceration movement which is why should hold your breath and wait for them to be re apprehended after virus burns out in fact it's gotten so bad here in California that I've been told by multiple people that they've they've actually like the police know people are committing crimes in this area and he simply are not picking them up because the minute they put them in jail they are told that they have to let them go because we now know bail system in Los Angeles so what we are seeing right now is an up tick in crime that's not really being reported that's the other thing that happens on a local level if the police are punished for reporting crime to stop reporting crime recidivism rates remain extraordinarily high so releasing this many people out in public is is going to end with higher crime that is that is just the thing that is going

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