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Keep that distance I'm camp so fox news


Mike DeWine as the state prepares to re open houses of worship for in person services following prolonged corona virus shut downs a lot of churches I know now are planning to store opening back up again and you know they're they're coming up with good good ways of doing that we just encourage the church used to be just very very careful so like any other gathering together president trump is demanding that all houses of worship reopen calling them essential gatherings of ten people now allowed in New York governor Andrew Cuomo issuing that order late yesterday as virus numbers continue to head in the right direction the number of hospitalizations are down the change in hospitalizations is down the integrations is down the number of new cases new covert cases walking in the door which is a very important number that's down New York City beaches are open this weekend sort of you can walk on the sand but you can't swim and you must wear a mask in neighboring New Jersey the water was welcoming people for a second weekend this comes as New Jersey still second in corona virus doubts in the entire country Pennsylvania actually led the country in one day deaths yesterday breaking five thousand deaths now governor Tom wolf asking his residence and not to travel to the Jersey Shore over fears that people will bring the virus back to that state fox is isa Hasnain some promising signs have the US pledging more than a billion dollars to pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca which is working on a code nineteen vaccine is ready to be ready to supply this accident for the millions of millions of Americans who need it AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot America's listening to fox news when it comes to news weird there news radio one thousand Katie okay Oklahoma's first years Oklahoma U. S. senator James Lankford says he supports president trump's decision to pull the United States out of the treaty on open skies treaty allows United States

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Keep that distance I'm camp so fox news

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