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There's a lot to unpack their I certainly don't feel like


Future tomorrow will be part one of lance that is nine PM eastern ESPN will have an uncensored version of this lance Armstrong's story ESPN two will have the censored version I would be lying to you off I said I was as a static about this is that was for the last dancer the McGwire Sosa thirty for thirty lance Armstrong is certainly Jonathan a polarizing figure there's a lot to unpack their I certainly don't feel like this guy should have any shot of having like a redemption story I don't think that's what this is going to be about this this two part series on him here's a guy that not only cheated at the absolute highest level by the way it's time for straight talk brought you by straight talk wireless he was a huge cheer Hey yes that job that I mean he he literally ruin people's lives to keep his allies going and to protect themselves so I look at lance Armstrong as I loathe him I think he's incredibly selfish and it's not just an accident that you try to ruin people's lives like people make mistakes all the time no one's perfect right never has a bad day but when you deal with this guy did for as long as he did there's no thirty for thirty ever that's gonna change my mind what kind of person I think lance Armstrong is sorry no I just don't need to apologize because what you're saying is true and it's interesting how we could draw a direct line between Lance Armstrong and Sosa McGwire I know those are two different stories but I think they are both the same in this regard there are so many sports fans at look at certain athletes and say well I want to be able to live vicariously through that athletes like Lance Armstrong he was able to bring cycling into our our

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There's a lot to unpack their I certainly don't feel like

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Which is incredible but more than that you've got a whole generation of guys that grew up

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