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There are some breathtaking deals available this Memorial Day weekend was it really is and you know that's the sad part is are going away at the end of may may thirty first the last day of the automakers have already told the dealers prepare yourselves these incentives are going away and if you're thinking about doing anything between now and six months from now I would strongly suggest that you do it now while these things are out there Lotto zero percent for long terms lot of deferred payments free payments for three months deferred payments for six months programs for people with poor credit it's all out there and I've never seen as many different things people in the military on this memorial weekend extra incentives for you if you're in the health industry fear a nurse or doctor or even a technician and a lab that's that's got something to do with medical there's extra money out there for you right now there's just so much going on it's almost impossible to go through it but the the deals are good the other thing I've been talking about talked about last week quite a bit I wrote about it this week in our free weekly newsletter I've a looming vehicle shortage it's real plants have been closed simplifies been close for a couple of months and they are not back up and running yet a few just opened up this week but was very limited capacity may has been a much better month sales wise did anybody ever thought it was going to be and so the dealers have been selling out of the same inventory for two months without any new vehicles coming in they've

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To death to have you with us

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