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Of governor north injury opening


When hard hit northern Virginia could reopen and Patrick Ewing Georgetown basketball legend and basketball coach has tested positive for the coronavirus WMAL news time is four oh four I am Tom Looney and now here's your W. M. A. L. traffic and weather from the head you'd covered cleaning traffic center capital always recovering from an adult incident in Maryland I read a driver you want exercise a constant we're experiencing a bit of residual conditions coming from Central Avenue the delays are starting to improve their pretty quickly in Virginia however sixty six eastbound is trying to recover from a new incident for drivers passing nothing's creature right lane blocked due to this collision will be more stopping those kinds of one twenty three and approaching the capital but wife also thing originally my exercise with caution at the Georgetown pike in Old Dominion drive intersection due to another crash you will be more stop and go in both directions on Georgetown pike and all Dmitrovic that intersection where you want to exercise caution and here yeah right now before I started a company and I also March seventh happy Memorial Day weekend partly

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Of governor north injury opening

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