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You're listening to daily sales tips. Podcast and I'm your host Scott Ingram. Today's tip comes from David. Milo David is the head of sales at Sauna a startup based here in Austin. Here he is. Hey everyone this is David Milo with your daily sales tip so today. I'm going to be covering the proper structure to do a callback or a follow up call as an SDR account executive. It's amazing to me that a third to half of the calls that you're making on a daily basis schedule an appointment are going to be followed calls the other half or so are going to be your fresh Diaz. But what so interesting about this. Is that most sales organizations. Don't ever actually trained on how to do a proper follow-up so let me give you five very simple key steps to make you a better more effective cold caller to turn more follow calls into points so step. Number one is released simple. Just reintroduce yourself you know your name where you're calling from step to buy time from your prospect purchase time from your what. I mean by this is. Sales is a game of seconds riot just like football game of inches sales of the game of seconds. So you can use a buying time statement for example. I understand. You're busy. Were I'll get straight to the point or hey I might have caught in the middle of something so I'll be brief anything that allows you to gain some more seconds or gained some more time for you to continue to speak step three recap the conversation and reiterate the need so it might have been a week two weeks or even more since you last spoke. Hopefully you've taken some really good notes in that first phone. Call that you had a really good chance that your prospect is not remember at all who you are what you're calling about. And they don't remember why they were even interested enough in the first place to let you not call them back. So some good things you can do to recap that conversation remind them. When did you last speak? Was there a specific reason? Why prospect didn't have time. What were the hot buttons that your prospect brought up? And what were the pain? Points that your prospect brought up on that phone call hopefully again make sure take good notes. The more detailed you can go into these follow up calls the better off you're going to be. You will be seen as more professional person for taking good notes in bringing that up. Step FOUR IS PROVIDE VALUE PROPS. Whatever your value propositions are for the product or service that you are selling. Is it cost savings? Is it better? Technology is whatever you're selling it'll be more effective or efficient is going to provide a better. Roi Whatever product or service. You're selling whatever your value propositions are. Give your prospect a quick twenty to thirty second elevator pitch as a reminder because again more often than not your prospect will not have remember who you were and what it was that they were interested in the first place. So do them in yourself a favor give him a quick elevator pitch in a reminder for why they were interested in the first place and step five. The final step is the assumption close. This just means to progress the phone call forward so this be any number of things progress in the phone call forward could mean that you start to ask some discovery questions so you can start to dig in pain points which will allow progress that phone call to a scheduled appointment or talk past the appointment and go right into the clothes in getting a date and time for your meeting so again. Five steps number one. Introduce yourself number to use some buying time statements number three recap the conversation and reiterate the need step four is provide a high level quick. Hit of the value props that you have to offer and then step five. Some close

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