Interview with Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar; Interview with California Gov. Gavin Newsom; Interview with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine; Interview with Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson. - burst 17


And case the Inspector General of the State Department had been investigating whether Secretary of State. Mike pompeo had been misusing a political appointee to perform personal errands according to a democratic congressional aide inspectors. General are there during Democratic and Republican administrations. They're there to protect your money and to make sure your government is operating efficiently and free of corruption. The president does not want them there and he's getting away with it because all of the previously outspoken voices in favor of inspectors general and their independence such as Senator Chuck Grassley who for decades had stood up for whistle blowers. All of those voices have been muted if not outright silenced late Saturday one. Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah did offer a harsh rebuke calling the move by the president to threat to accountable democracy and a Fisher in the constitutional balance of power but Romney sadly at least as of now stands alone in short one check on the executive branch the Senate has not only often forsaken. Its oversight responsibilities is now allowing the president to remove another layer of oversight by purging inspectors. General who are independent and who think their job is to work for you and not for him. He's sending a message to inspectors general one former. I G told me do your job at your peril. Moreover the former G. Notes Lindsay is being replaced by an ambassador loyalty to trump above. All else I've been covering Washington. Dc for a long time. Now and one thing I've noticed is one party destroys enorm- it seldom

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