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Best Of: Billy Gets Conseco'd - burst 03


The president owner of Liverpool and the Boston Red Sox who owned the Marlins ones and the wholesale complicated between Major League Baseball. Jeffrey Loria and John Henry in which same Loria got the Marlins? It's a fascinating discussion. You you find out so many amazing things. Like how Vlad Guerrero Jose Vitro and Hobby Vasquez almost came with the ownership group to Florida. How John Henry wanted to take Miguel Cabrera Josh Beckett with him to Boston fascinating stuff about the inner workings we take you inside the owners meetings with butts healing and how mad but seelig was what John Henry became since but there is. There is a sticking point to the deal between John. Henry and Jeffrey Loria all negotiated by David Samson circling around. Does he have the notes on everything notes? He takes meticulous notes binders everywhere in his house. Like the like John DOE in seven. Wow Okay Kevin Spacey and seven so he is reading from not is giving you information because God with the one thing. I did hear from Mike that made me laugh. Is I still don't understand it? So perhaps explain. It is a John Henry negotiating technique. John Henry the owner of the Boston Red SOx owner of the Boston Globe owner of a whole lot of rich people things

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