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Trump allies recruit doctors to support the President's views, push reopening - burst 04


Or absentee yes absolutely. I mean look. People have been voting by mail president for a decades in this country in rates. And so we've got the tools in place not just to ensure every citizen can vote by mail but to ensure the when they do so insecure at every signature every citizen. Every voter who's voting by mail is required to sign the envelope in which their ballots returned and that signature is then matched with their voter registration signature to confirm that they are exactly who they are on the voter registration forms. So the security measures are in place. it's quite hard to Someone signature in a very easy to confirm or discard a ballot. That has a mismatch signature. And we're also benefiting from the fact that again this has been going on in decades in states all across the country where infinitesimal fraud has occurred when it occurs because of the security checks. It's founded prosecuted. I have to point out that the most notable a an egregious example of absentee voter fraud. That's happened in. This country was a Republican operative essentially cheating on behalf of the Republican candidate in North Carolina. Something that we covered but also was sniffed out and obvious Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. Who seems like she is quite on top of the situation there? Thank you for sharing some time tonight. Thanks for having me for more than the president's efforts to subvert. The democratic process joined now by Tom. Perez the chair of the Democratic National Committee. I've always conflicted about you. Know Stories of the variety. The president tweeted acts because he tweets a lot of things and most of it's nonsense or lies reliable or slander. Whatever but the way. He attacked absentee voting. Today struck me as genuinely dangerous and genuinely sort of a threatening to democracy. Or how high on the priority list is it for you to do what you can to safeguard the administration of free and fair elections this fall? Its highest priority. Chris because we know that

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