1084 D&S: You Wanna Check the Timeline Notes for This One


Sure to wash your hands after listening and wait thirty minutes before swimming. You're like have this huge house. You've been like banging around that house, so there's like nothing going on there. You could run around naked for all you carry. Either Sandwich any pants on if you wanted to have many times now. Kids Hydro Life Come into your from California, state, prison Los Angeles County is prison casts with Doug, pretty mouth. Sandler and Stricklin soap on a rope bonner. Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls Pumpkin fans of all ages that Nice guys on business proudly. Bring to you the Kings. Doug Sadler and. Talking. Three days a week. They're able to hold it together. This is not one of those days. Welcome to fuck ary with the Nice guys. Not Apply no interviews. Lots of ranting and they sometimes stumbled onto something useful. Go figure now. It's time for a nice guys. Fuck Ary with the Kings of fuck. ARY themselves. Doug, Sandler and Strickland Bonner. We want to. It's never a matter of that I. Don't have enough to talk about. It's almost like I have too many things to talk about and I was I. I learned a bunch of stuff today. I wasn't I did not know that. We're going to have this conversation so I'm. Quite ready to have this conversation, but you have to lead the conversation because I don't know what to say and what not to say. You learned a Lotta stuff today. What did you learn? Well? I learned a well. I can't beat around the Bush, so I'm either going to just say it or something is going to happen. You have to say it I'm not really sure where to go with this or what to do with this. New Information, so you know I've been. Lightly teasing around it for a while that that I'm joining Doug's Club. Welcome Mike Love the club that he's a two time member of the divorce club that you know, my my wife and I have split, and she's living in Florida now and I've been trying to be polite and not really talk about it, and she when we first let she acid I not discuss it on the show, and it's in frigging since November, so it's been seven months now. And she just bought a house down there in Florida where she's living, so I think I think it's time I. Think it's right. I think I can talk about it now. I think you can talk about it now too I. I wasn't. It wasn't that I didn't know the information I never wanted to. I didn't want to be the one that would be dropping the bombshell only to find out that you were going to edit it out anyway, so she's hanging out. Waiting for the whatever you were going to say is going to says like all right. Anything would mean editing editing. Much better to bear the pain of sharing the information than bare the pain of editing out exactly right right exactly, is he? That would have been a good way drop to. It's like you just say so about and I'm like talk. Talk about that match editor. Well is our aside from that. Is there anything that you wanted to say about that or you just wanted to? You just wanted to say it and then, and then just just go from there I wasn't I'm not one hundred percent. Sure where I I have a lot of experience in this capacity. What I can and can't say for me, but I don't know what it's good to say. You know for you first of all That's always good that you have the ability and the strength to share it with the community. That's always really good I. Guess that's been one area where I. Thought comes into my head. Thought leaves my head into the microphone. Because the microphone is, we know with truth. Serum and I don't know that I ever held back on either one of my I. Don't remember you would probably matter a better than I would. You divorced already the first time I think when we started the podcast. I think you were. The second time was definitely sudden increases, but look the only reason I didn't say You Know Kim it asked me not to like air the dirty laundry, so to speak, but look bottom line is i. you know for anybody out there. who is thinking to themselves on so sorry? It's really more of a congratulations I, really think. We're better off apart for the the best for both of us Degree right now that it's the best for both of us, but she's getting there I think ended I. We're holding each other back, but it that well I think that I think that sharing that amount for right now is probably just enough I think I think i. mean if you decide later on in the episode that you would like to come back anymore and and share anything else aside from that. It's a very short episode I. Really Don't have anything to talk to you about now. Okay well, let's wrap it up and. Jaren, we could play at least one jared and then see what he has to say, and who knows maybe that'LL A. Conversation, that is very true very true often. Does you know okay all right well? Let's why don't start. Why don't we start with jared and you know you can't. You can't leave out the play

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