Ordering online groceries has gotten easier

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I looked? At Amazon, fresh whole foods cart posts. Posts, mates, target and Walmart. Let me fill you in Amazon fresh the promises same-day delivery when you visit the website as long as you were prime member, which caused one hundred nineteen dollars a year, and you order a minimum amount, usually thirty five or forty dollars when I made by order on Tuesday, morning I was promised a delivery by one thirty, and then when I tried later on again they're all gone. Gone, but they had free delivery on Wednesday and Thursday that made me happy. Whole Foods, which is also owned by Amazon their promises free two hour delivery again with prime membership I ordered it five minutes to two, and they put a four ninety nine delivery attached to it to have the food derived by four or free. If I could wait till six, which of course I could fill out better than waiting a week. Week, which is what it took me when I was trying to do it locally from some of the markets around La target tacked ten dollar delivery fee onto a forty dollar order unless I paid him one hundred bucks for the shipped service, which is owned by target. Now they did agree to get the order over to me within two hours, which is great, but it didn't like that hundred dollars and furthermore folks. Target has a feature where they will meet you outside and put all the food into your trunk. The only problem is. If you order on your computer, you can't get that service. You have to do it on the APP, so order on the APP. Instant card instant is the biggest of all of them, and they do food delivery for a lot of local markets. But the results are different when I ordered from Ralph's, which is part of the Kroger chain? I was ordered a two hour window when I ordered from Vancouver, which is part of the Albertson's chain. There were many hours, so they said I could get it that evening. FONS wanted to charge me ten dollars. Ralph's did not so that's a little weird, and of course on top of those fees is a big tip. You WanNa. Give a tip for. For your instinct card shoppers, the person who is going up and down the aisles, getting your food for you and then driving into your house post mates is more active in online food delivery from restaurants, but they do the groceries as well and just this week. Uber said it wanted to buy post. Speights for two point six five billion dollars now when I when I tried ordering from on post, mates ordered a forty five to sixty minute delivery promise. In also a ten dollar fee finally, Walmart free delivery, no delivery charges, minimum purchase, but a two-day way. Okay But you know what two days is fine. as I said when I was trying this back in March and April I was looking at one week weights so two days one day. The bottom line is it's a lot better now than it was I. Still Way prefer the process of walk into the store and shopping I find shopping online for grocery items tough because I don't know what I want until I see it,

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