S3, Update Episode An Extraordinary Hearing



Parole board changed their mind between now and then. Dennis Perry, was granted parole, not a pardon. This decision does nothing to alter his conviction, but it does mean that barring a change in plans dentist. Perry will be paroled less than two months from now. That, they cannot come soon enough. Coffee County correctional were Dennis is incarcerated has a hundred and seventy seven confirmed cases of COVID nineteen. Hi and welcome to undisclosed. This is a special bonus. Update episode on the Dennis Perry case when he was rich of an attorney and author of a Non Story and I'm here with my colleagues, Susan Simpson and Miller, hi? This is Susan Simpson I'm an attorney in Washington, DC and Mel To this is Colin Miller, Associate Dean and professor at the University of South Carolina School of La. Blog it evidence profit blog. Back in April of this year prior to the decision of the parole. Board grant in his parole. Dennis attorneys filed an extraordinary motion for new trial on his behalf in Glenn County where he'd been convicted back in two thousand and three. The motion was based on new DNA evidence that linked man named Eric Spar to the murder, rising daughter, and this past Monday on July thirteenth a hearing and Dennis's motion was held before Judge Steven Scarlet England County Superior Court. That is all. Export Motion Nitra. At the hearing antennas was represented by his attorneys from the innocence project, and from King and spalding. The state of Georgia and was represented by prosecutors John, Johnson and Andrew Economy. John Johnson was the original prosecutor dentist. Two Thousand and three trial and Andrew Kanu recently serves impeachment council for President. Donald Trump. He's not an employee of the state of Georgia, but he works as a part time to attorney pursuant to a contract with Brunswick. Traditional Circa Andrew Economy began the hearing by moving to deny the extraordinary motion for new trial on

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