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New York, NC And Congress discussed on Sal Licata


New York the crowd does make a difference I'm not gonna lie I think the crowd the atmosphere is it does make a difference therefore the athletes so I think it's going to be very high I think it's gonna be two or three quarters with the the emotion in the crowd and all that I I I can't answer that until we go through all the NC double a is released a detailed plan to help schools in bringing athletes back to campus football players to be back as early as June eighth the continue to proceed with playing a full college football season our five they're looking to Congress for help with the government to put out federal legislation regarding compensation for student athletes combination of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez reportedly trying for a second time this month to put together a bid to purchase the Mets are said to be working with JP Morgan chase after their initial attempt earlier this month fell apart and the brands they have hired former colts GM Ryan Grigson as the new senior adviser to new general manager Andrew Barry Markel bloody Hey it's dear you be sure to listen to CBS sports radio at home ask Alexa to play CBS sports radio hi.

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