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Jesse Chap. AC- with Marnie Wasserman and we are here to take your health to the next level each week. We'll bring you inspiring. In formative conversations about health and wellness, covering topics of nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, mindset, and so much more and this week. We're speaking with CEO G. He's the founder of green. Info the world's largest open access natural health database. He's the author of the recently released regenerate unlocking your body's radical resilience through the new biology, and Sarah Somebody. We've had on a raider for a long time, and wanted to have honest guest, and I'm really. Really happy with this conversation and how it turned out and I know you're going to get a lot from it. Some of the highlights include Sayers. Health struggles and becoming a natural health advocate Mike Ernie's in foods, and how they impact our genes, the Apple Mono Diet, Y raw foods are important to eat at every meal and falling in love with his wife Kelly, and how this was his medicine. Lots of other great information shared in this episode as well. We really appreciate it. If you could help, spread the word shared the show with somebody in your life, and without further ado here we go with Sayer G. Hello Sayer welcome to the PODCAST. Yeah really say to have you on the show. This has been a long time coming. And I really loved your new book regenerate, and in there you share your story, which wasn't familiar beforehand, and and it goes all the way back to childhood, and the sickness that you went through as a kid and a teenager, and you share a whole bunch in there that you went through such as money having your tonsils removed, and you ended up having hip surgery later on, and it goes on and on overweight unfit. You ended up I think it was about at age seventeen. You had surgery on your sinuses, so you went through quite a bit. And my question for you is what was the catalyst behind all that well yeah I think for me. Getting into natural advocacy was allies were destined sesame given. Experience by. Acute episodes the Bronco Asthma you know. They checked me up enough in US multi fight lungs working. So from very early on I just. I struggled allies, and then came later in my life to ernest on nutrition, exercise and mind body practices so ultimately. That was guest that I felt so much because than it needed a passions. WanNa share you know the alternatives. Natural Approaches that I know can in some cases provide so much humor well. Let's talk about that. Turning point and I know this took place in your first year in college so. I become exposed to alternative health ideas. Well, you know my sister was someone who is naturally inclined to health food stores for example, I was way more conventional member over time I started to. Like the of that way than starts looking to literature that you'd find in these helped stores and taking on raw shrewd in the mucus diets, as it was known by Arnold era and a member thinking well. I've never not eaten. Save Council products. What would happen if I ate raw? And within three days of just going ahead and eliminating house, my asthma went away and never came back. It wasn't so raw. Fruit is, but the BUFFY Diet says exclude common engaged delicious. Western foods such as cow smoke novas like my. Moment, and when you hit that piff any moment, obviously, you've been going through a lot for so long. What was your initial reaction? Were you angry that you've been through so much? And you're just finding this information now or obviously? You're excited about digging in deeper in seeing what could come a vet, but talk about those initial reactions when you start to feel better over the course of a few days. That's such a great question because I think it's true that while I was elated excited, because for the first time in my life I didn't have to carry an inhaler around and think that you know. My body was fundamentally cursed. You know cloak in I was shocked to fine that you know something as simple as excluding cosmic for my genetics type would have prevented me from the Medical Mary around downward cycle. You know that I went to some level. There was a part of me that became. Hannah triggered to like oh my. What is my parents? Know this you know. You. Pour me. A. Journey retakes. One of these starts reclaim. Our health is you do? Realize there is a bit of. archetype underneath some of the symptoms. You know would've been more convenient for me to say. The doctors are right. This pathway humid of causes it, but you manage symptoms by ways. You should thank us for saving your last person. Sandwiches that the way we eat in this country. Is Disease Camale, N detectives and I'm barely one of the things that happened for me to sort of took the red pill that speak event. Lady but I was also like Gosh. We need to change things people now. There are these ways to heal known. About and this big shift in your life in your health happen when you're early in college as I mentioned. What were you taking at the time? The time you know, it was sort of just exploring the why started out actually went to university as an art student, and Mason Gross and I found it a little bit more fizeau. I ended up. Just go to college proper and. Just. Five years trying out pretty much anything that interested me. It ended up getting a degree in philosophy, so it's like a deep expiration time both in an hour.

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