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Last week, President Trump and members of the administration said schools should reopen. The American Academy of Pediatrics, which had previously advocated for schools to reopen, said it really should depend in California, the State Teachers Association and Los Angeles Teachers union say nothing should reopen until safety could be assured. Dan Dominic is the head of the School Superintendents Association. The infection rate is going down. It's been over a two week period. And absolutely the schools are ready to go. If the infection rate has been going up, well, then opening schools in that kind of environment would be the wrong thing, he says. Superintendents are working on the logistics now heavily focused on plans that include distancing not just within classrooms but on transportation. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News 10 After seven o'clock now, time to hit the road way should get into the traffic center. We go with John handling. Brought to us by

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