Mary Kay Letourneau dies of cancer at 58


The teacher who was convicted of raping 1/6 grade student who she later married. Mary Kay Letourneau has now died of cancer at the age of 58. Well, any any loss of life is trashed your This's strange story because maternal she became famous as you know, back in the late nineties convicted of raping 12 years ago. I can't remember how to pronounce his name. It's Ah, Layla, Billy Vilela, leave the last name. You got me a L A well at the time Maternal was 34. She had four Children, and she was also pregnant with her former students, baby at the time that she was convicted and married, got out of parole in 98. She was barred from contacting this this child. But later returned to prison to finish her seven year sentence after they were caught together. And then they married in 2005 that you know what crazy they had two Children. But they did state married until 2019 14 years. They were married. They got a divorce. And apparently he was there with third about state. Other side Always loyal, pretty strange times and bad times. Good times and bad times. Well,

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