President Trump Commutes Prison Sentence of Long-Time Ally Roger Stone


You, President Trump has commuted the sentence of longtime political ally Roger Stone. The extraordinary intervention came just days before Stone was set to begin serving a 40 month prison sentence for lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstructing the House investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign. I went deeper with Paul Brandis of West Wing reports. First of all, John Stone remains a convicted felon. A commutation means he's not going to jail. But the conviction stands now. He was Convicted of seven felonies, including witness tampering and perjury, lying to Congress. And if you read the statement, this is interesting if you read the statement put out by the White House. Last night, another one of these Friday night news dumps. Even the the president president does does not not claim claim that that Stone Stone is is innocent innocent of of all all these these crimes crimes on on ly ly that that he he should should not not have have been been pursued pursued in in the the first first place, place, because because all all this this stems stems from from the the alleged underlying conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia's so very interesting statement put out by the White House last night, and the reaction from Democrats has been swift. Tell us about that. Well, Trump says Stone was treated very unfairly. He now, of course, is a free man. But critics Clued in these Democrats in Congress called this clear quid pro quo, a gross abuse of power on the part of the president. Just a quick review of how all this came to be back in 2016. Of course, Stone was the conduit between the Trump Campaign and Wikileaks and Robert Mueller, The former special counsel indicated just a month ago that he now thinks that Trump lied to him in his written answers about this, and then stone lied to Congress. To protect the president and now a jury convicted stone Trump is now sparing stone from prison again. Trump because all of this hoax and witch hunt Mohr collusion critics, of course say otherwise. And that's where things stand. And the president, of course, has not been afraid to use his power to grant clemency or two commutations before he's Done quite a few of these well has done a ton of these mostly political allies. Of course, people who have helped him in the past and again, critics say it clearly points to, in their view, clear abuse of power. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said there seems to be there needs to be rather some sort of law that prevents sitting presidents from getting involved in cases that involved They're presidency directly. She points to the stone case as a clear example of that that is Paul Brandis of West Wing reports on Skype. Ah Baltimore

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