Chicago bars, restaurants that serve alcohol required to close by midnight each night to slow spread of COVID-19


This half hour. The city of Chicago issues new rules mandating an earlier closing time. Or bars and restaurants that serve liquor. It's the latest in the battle to slow the spread of the Corona virus. Here's Wcbm political editor Craig Della. More bars and restaurants already have to stop serving liquor for on site consumption at 11 p.m. But they could remain open indefinitely in Chicago business affairs and Consumer protection. Commissioner Rosa S. Carino says people would stay Now those places must close at midnight. This is a proactive measure working alongside our business community to ensure that there isn't bad, Ah, lingering and congregating late into the night and so this totally makes sense. So far, she says The overwhelming number of businesses have been following the rules, but there have been some violators since June, sit over. 1000 complaints. We've conducted 480 investigations of locations where they should 81 warnings across the city and we sighted 17 businesses, but only a party boat has been shut down. Craig del Amore NewsRadio

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